Lau Mong Elementary School

Yen Minh – Ha Giang – Vietnam

Lau Mong Elementary School is listed as the top 10 poorest schools in Ha Giang province.

 The school infrastructure is unstable with heavy cracks in the existing dirt walls, which makes it a very dangerous learning environment. We are looking to rebuilding this school as soon as possible. The school is located in a rural area deep and high in the mountain, 130km away from the nearest town.

Lotus School Foundation is sponsoring 100% of the building effort for Lau Mong Elementary School.

We will continue to work with our local partner, QXTVC on the construction oversight.

New School Floor Plan

The new school cost is estimated at $10,000 for 5 classrooms. Your support and donations to help the children at Lau Mong Elementary School have a safer learning environment is greatly appreciated.

Lotus school is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so your donation is eligible for tax deduction.

New School – Grand Opening

March 3, 2019

It was with great happiness for the Lotus School Foundation team to attend the Grand Opening of the new Lau Mong Preschool & Elementary School on March 03, 2019. We were extremely happy to see the children settled into their new school. This is one of the poorest areas in Ha Giang province where water and electricity are still very scarce.

We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all supporters and donors who have contributed to this school project. In addition, we would like to thank our local field partner, Quy Xay Truong Vung Cao for donating the classroom furniture.

Through your compassion and support, children in these rural, poverty-stricken areas will now have an opportunity to develop their skills and look forward to a better future.

Project Cost

Description Sponsored/
Donated By
Cost Miscellaneous Note
Lau Mong School Lotus School Foundation 210,258,000 VND
= $9,093 USD
The newly built school is 2,185 square feet. The cost covers five classrooms, one restroom, and a concrete surface playground which will serve 69 children.
Commercial Stainless Steel Water Tank Lotus School Foundation 13,000,000 VND
= $550 USD
The school currently has no access to water or electricity. LSF donated a commercial water tank to the school.
Classroom Furniture (Local Partner)
Quy Xay Truong Vung Cao
41,450,000 VND
= $1,800 USD
Total Cost 272,045,000 VND
= $11,443 USD

Lotus School Foundation members and other participants who have participated in the school grand openings were responsible 100% for the trip expenses, including airfare, hotels, transportation, and meals.    


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