hoa dao preschool

quynh nhai – son la – Vietnam

On this special day, we invite our sponsors, supporters, partners, and friends to celebrate the foundation’s 3rd birthday through the kick-off of our 20th project. The village is located 425km away from the city center and 85% of the Chieng Khay’s households live below the poverty level. The students face many learning challenges since the school conditions are severely deteriorated exposing them to the elements. The parents and villagers have to replace the woods every 2 years. They don’t have the budget to build a proper for the children and have been dreaming of a new school for over 10 years.

The new school building is estimated to cost $10,010. The cost covers 2 classrooms, 2 restrooms, a concrete surfaced playground, a new main entrance school signage, and new classroom furniture. The new school is expected to complete by the end of April 2021. 


mAY 13, 2021

It is with great happiness to celebrate the completion of Hoa Dao Preschool located in Quynh Nhai – Son La – Vietnam. This is one of the poorest areas in Son La province where 90% of the ethnic minority households live below the poverty level. We are extremely happy to see the children settled into their new classrooms. LSF extends our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all supporters and donors who have contributed to this school project. Through your compassion and support, children in these rural, poverty-stricken areas now have an opportunity to develop their skills and look forward to a better future. 


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