central vietnam’s flood relief

quang tri – quang binh – Vietnam

The recent back-to-back floods in Central Vietnam have devastated the region and many families have lost everything. Many children in flood-stricken areas struggle to return to school. Students are in dire need of textbooks, notebooks, and school supplies after the recent heavy rain and floods destroyed their homes and swept away everything. As the floods impacted poor communities, many parents cannot afford the cost of school supplies for their children.

The Lotus School Foundation is pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with Beowulf Blockchain and Hope for Tomorrow to provide quality backpacks and school supplies to support the children impacted by this disaster. These children will be dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, working to overcome fears, loss, and other issues causing anxiety. Providing them with a quality backpack and the tools to do their work in school will help them feel loved and cared for.


Over the past couple of months, the Lotus School Foundation has been incredibly moved by the outpouring of compassion you and other supporters have shown for the children impacted by the recent flooding crisis in Central Vietnam. In response to helping children in these hard-hit areas get back to school, a total of more than $39,646 has been spent on quality waterproof backpacks, winter jackets, and school supplies to help over 4,200 students in two of the hardest-hit provinces, Quang Tri and Quang Binh. The majority of the students in these areas are ethnic minorities who have already experienced economic hardship even prior to the flooding. In wrapping up this meaningful campaign, the Lotus School Foundation extends our deepest gratitude to our partner organizations, companies, and supporters:
• Hope of Tomorrow
• Beowulf Company
• Vietnam Airlines
• Houston Unity Lions
• Buddhist Association of Huong Hai
• GDPT Lien Hoa USA
• GDPT Phap Quang USA
• Facebook Community & Friends
In addition, our mission wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our team. A special “Thank You” to our Board of Director, Dr. Sung Nguyen for leading the campaign and we are also very grateful to nun Thich Nu Quang Phat for helping our team coordinate the ground activities. Together, we have made an impact in the lives of many children impacted by the flooding catastrophe, as they have experienced one of the most traumatic events. Once again, thank you for your compassion and generosity.


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