LUNG QUOC preSchool

BAC ME – ha giang – Vietnam

Every child deserves a chance to learn! Every child deserves to thrive in the safest classroom environment!

Our work continues in Ha Giang, as it is one of the poorest and least developed provinces in Vietnam due to its complex topography. Ha Giang Province still has a high number of “temporary schools” where students are learning in overcrowded, rundown, and unsafe classrooms. Lung Quoc school is remotely located 90km from the nearest town. The villagers are 100% of ethnic H’mong.

Our Project Supervisor, Mr. Dam has inspected the school on June 22, 2019. Through inspection, we confirmed that the school infrastructure is unsafe. The classrooms are falling apart with holes in the ceiling and the walls are heavily cracked leaving children often exposed to intense heat and violent rain. The Principal shared that during the winter months when the temperature gets cold in the mountain, children are deeply affected by the poor classroom conditions and are unable to learn. Furthermore, the existing classrooms don’t have adequate space to accommodate every child. The younger children have to share a cramped space to take their afternoon nap.

The new school building is estimated to cost $9,550. The cost covers 3 classrooms, restrooms, concrete surface playground, and a commercial stainless steel water tank for the school to store clean water. The classrooms will be furnished with new furniture at an additional estimated cost of $1,444. The total estimated cost for the project is $10,994.

A community coming together to make a difference!

Parents and villagers will work together with our construction team to help carry building materials and supplies to the site as well as clearing the land for construction. We will continue to work with our reliable local partner, QXTVC in Vietnam for construction oversight.

With your help and contribution, we can make a life changing impact for these many children!

New School Floor Plan



Children are our future, but for many underprivileged children living in rural mountainous areas, access to education is often hindered by the shortage of school. Often time, young children have to walk long-distance from one village to another to attend school. The Lotus School Foundation was founded to be part of the solution by building schools to reach the most vulnerable children living in rural communities.

On December 8, 2019, the LSF team attended the Grand Opening of our 8th school project, Lung Quoc Preschool located in the district of Bac Me – Ha Giang – Vietnam. All of the children were gifted with winter jackets, backpacks, and snacks during the ceremony prepared by our local partner, QXTVC. It was with great joy and happiness to see the newly constructed school and meet the children.

This is only possible due to your generous support and donations. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported our school projects. Through everyone’s compassion and generosity, children in rural poverty-stricken areas can now have an opportunity to attend school and receive basic education.

Your generous support and donation will help us complete the new school and change the lives of over 100 students.


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