The Lotus School Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2018 in San Antonio, Texas, is driven by a powerful mission. Our mission is to build schools in remote, impoverished villages that lack proper educational facilities, ensuring that children around the world have access to equal education opportunities.

Education is a basic fundamental right for every child, but unfortunately, education remains an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world. In many rural, poverty-stricken areas, there is a growing crisis of school shortage. It is very common for young children to walk five miles (one-way) daily from their village to another village to attend school.

Many children are currently learning from inside broken-down huts or sitting outside underneath trees where there is no electricity, water, and restrooms.

With the lack of schools in rural communities, many children as young as twelve and older have to leave home every week to attend a community school in towns that may be a hundred miles away from their home. As parents, imagine your young children being far away from you and growing up on their own at such a tender age simply because this is the only way for them to have access to education. Such an idea is unimaginable let alone acceptable for any parents in developed countries. Yet, this is a sad reality for children in many parts of the world today.

The Challenge is Only Growing!

The United Nations estimated that over 600 million children will need access to education globally by 2030. Recognizing this mounting challenge, Lotus School Foundation is founded to be part of the solution by building schools to reach the most vulnerable children living in rural communities globally.

As we live in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, investing in childhood education is one of the best investments we can make to change their future as well as our own! It’s increasingly important not to overlook the importance of education as a dominant force to help children develop the right knowledge, skills, positive values and attitudes to form a world that is more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, secure and sustainable.

Lotus School Foundation is committed to spreading awareness and making a difference by building schools, creating a safer learning environment, and increasing educational opportunities for children around the world.

We extend open arms and welcome all opportunities to work and build strong partnerships with educational organizations, local governments, local charities, faith-based organizations, businesses, and compassionate individuals around the world to help us achieve our goal.

Please JOIN US in making a positive impact on thousands of children worldwide!

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