na san preschool

mai son – son la – Vietnam

Every child deserves to learn in the safest classroom environment!

Our work continues in Son La, as it is one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam. Son La still has a high number of temporary schools where students are learning in overcrowded, rundown, and unsafe classrooms. Ethnic minority groups, predominantly the Tay, Dao, Thai, Khang, La Han, and Hmong people compose approximately 80% of the population in the region. The extreme poverty rate among ethnic minorities in the area is 73%. LSF’s next project is rebuilding Na San School located in Hat Lot commune in Mai Son district. The school infrastructure is unstable and severely deteriorating, as seen from the pictures below.

The project is estimated to cost $9,882. The cost covers 2 classrooms, 2 restrooms, a concrete surfaced playground, a new main entrance school signage, and new classroom furniture. The new school is expected to complete by the end of May 2021.

THANK YOU! This new school is possible due to the generous support of Dr. Shannon Dang and her wonderful family (Xuan Duong, Chloe Le, Brandon Le, Matt Castelo, Tim Nguyen, Nhan Dang, Toan Dang, and Trung Dang). LSF is immensely grateful for the support of our compassionate sponsors. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of many underserved children and their community. 

join us in celebrating the completion of the new na san school

As Vietnam battled to control the intense outbreak of COVID-19 during the past 5 months, many parts of the country are still currently under lock-down or tightly restricted and monitored. Fortunately, some of the provinces in the mountainous areas are now safe and have reopened their schools. LSF is happy to share activities from our 21st project, the newly built Na San School located in Huyen Mai – Son La. The students are ecstatic to settle into their new classrooms and they have some spent time creating personal drawings as a gift to our sponsors. 

LSF is immensely grateful to the Dang Family (Shannon Dang, Xuan Duong, Liz, Chloe Le, Brandon Le, Matt Castelo, and Tim Nguyen) for sponsoring this new school and making a huge difference in the lives of disadvantaged children in the mountainous area. You’re creating a long-lasting legacy! THANK YOU!



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