compassionate charity home

sapa – lao cai – Vietnam


Life for the young couple, Giang A Lu and Thao Thi Pang, has not been easy as Giang is suffering from kidney disease and they live in hardship. Their dream is to have a safe and loving home to raise their two young children, but this grand wish has been so far-out-of-reach until now.

The Lotus School Foundation is profoundly grateful for the opportunity to once again partner with the generous, Tran Boelsterli and her supporters, to help another family in need of a new home. Our team is ready to build another Hmong Compassionate Home to benefit this family who is currently residing 6,00 feet high in the remote mountainous area of Sapa – Lao Cai – Vietnam.

The newly 60m2 Hmong style-inspired constructed house will be divided into 4 areas that include a living room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom to accommodate four people. Building materials and supplies are scheduled to be transported to the mountainous area by next week. The estimated cost of the new home is $7,699, of which Mrs. Boelsterli and her supporter are generously donating $6,521 to the project. The remainder cost of $1,178 is contributed by the local  Vietnamese Catholic Church led by Father Pham Thanh Binh.

As we are approaching the rainy season, our goal is to complete the new home by July of 2022. LSF is wholeheartedly grateful for the support of all the compassionate sponsors along with our local team led by Father Binh, Ms. Thom Vu, Mai, and Huy for their endless dedication and commitment to help change lives every step of the way. THANK YOU!


Empowering people through the hope of a better future!

LSF is happy to share updates on the completion of our 26th project, the building of a charity compassionate home to benefit the Lu-Pang’s family residing in the mountainous area of Sapa – Lao Cai – Vietnam. I had the opportunity to meet this family back in April and was really touched by their struggle and condition. Building during the monsoon season is always challenging, so we are so grateful to everyone for actively making a difference in this family’s life.


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