compassionate charitable home

sapa – lao cai – Vietnam

It is truly a privilege for LSF to once again collaborate with the remarkable Tran Boelsterli on the construction of her fifth compassionate charitable home, this time benefiting the deserving family of Vang A Linh in Sapa, Vietnam. This family of five, living below the poverty line, is in urgent need of a new home, and Tran’s dedication to improving their lives is nothing short of inspiring. For the past five years, Tran has poured her heart into building homes for those in need, and her impact is immeasurable. With the unwavering support of generous donors, Tran’s vision of providing safe and secure housing to disadvantaged families becomes a reality. The total cost of the new home is estimated at $7,000, and we are grateful for the invaluable assistance of Father Thanh Binh from the Sapa Church in overseeing the construction process. Together, with Tran Bolesteri and our supporters, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.


Providing a Solid Foundation for a Brighter Future!

LSF is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the new home for the Vang family. In addition to providing a safe and secure shelter, Tran and her generous donors have gone above and beyond by funding the purchase of beds for the family, who previously had none. This act of kindness ensures that the family can rest comfortably and peacefully in their new home. Following the delivery of the beds, Father Binh and his dedicated assistant, Mrs. Thom, will pay a visit to the Vang family to celebrate this momentous occasion and offer their blessings. Once again, LSF expresses profound gratitude for the unwavering support and compassion of Tran Bolesteri and her dedicated supporters. It is through their selfless efforts and generosity that transformative moments like this become a reality for those in need.


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