Ban Bon preschool

thuan chau – son la – Vietnam

During this special Holiday season, the Lotus School Foundation is feeling full of gratitude as we continue our mission of Building Hope, Building Schools, and Building Dreams with our next school building project. Son La is the third poorest province in Vietnam with 80% of the population is made up of ethnic minority groups (Thai, Hmong, Muong, Tay, Xa Dao, and Kho-Mu). The poverty rate among ethnic minorities in the region is 73% and the extreme poverty rate is at 44.5%. Ethnic minorities in the region are terribly disadvantaged due to the lack of access to education, infrastructure, transportation, and healthcare. Many children in small villages have to walk a long distance of 3-5 miles each day to a different village to go to school. When there are schools available, the infrastructure is severely rundown making it an unsafe environment to learn. The LSF team has inspected the current school and determined the severely deteriorated conditions met our criteria to rebuild a new school. The new classrooms will provide a safer environment for the students to learn and thrive. 

The new school building is estimated to cost $9,789. The cost covers 2 classrooms, 2 restrooms, a concrete surfaced playground, a new main entrance school signage, and some additional new classroom furniture. The size of each classroom is 430 ft2 and the concrete surfaced playground is 1,076 ft2. This project is possible due to the support and generous donation of Duc S Nguyen and his wife, Isabelle Y. Chappuis. LSF has received the full sponsored amount of $9,789 for the new school. We are immensely grateful for your compassion and support, Duc and Isabelle. By providing the means to basic education, you are opening the doors for these children to have a brighter future. 

Ban Bon NEW School


After more than a month’s break to celebrate the Lunar New Year and following a “stay-at-home” mandate to combat the Covid-19 outbreak that was spreading throughout several provinces in Vietnam, the students finally headed back to school this week. The happiness and excitement on their faces, as they settled into a brand new school and newly decorated classrooms upon their return is purely magical. 

With immense gratitude, LSF extends our sincere appreciation to the Nguyen – Chappuis family from California for sponsoring this new school. This project would not have been possible without their support and generous donation. Join us to celebrate the new Ban Bon School through some of the highlighted pictures below. The school is already in use. However, the formal grand opening will be determined at a later time, depending on the Covid-19 outcome. Our US team is looking forward to visiting and celebrating with the students at Ban Bon school sometimes this year. 


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