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Bordering Laos, Nhon Mai School is located in one of the highest and farthest parts of Nghe An. This remote area presents its own set of challenges, with 75% of the villagers enduring the hardships of deep poverty, and the treacherous terrains further complicate the lives of the residents. Nhon Mai School currently caters to 118 young students from three neighboring villages – Nhon Mai, Xa Mat, and Pha Mut. However, the wooden structure that was erected in 2000 has suffered significant deterioration over time. The provided pictures vividly depict the current state of the school, with unsightly holes in the ceiling and dangerously decayed wooden framework. The condition of the classrooms poses serious safety risks for these young students, constantly exposing them to the harsh elements of the weather.
The Lotus School Foundation is thrilled to once again join forces with our esteemed partner, Hope Foundation Global (HFG) in the mission of rebuilding Nhon Mai School. We extend our profound gratitude to HFG for their unwavering support of our work over the past five years, and we are incredibly thankful for their generous sponsorship of this live-changing project to benefit 120 students. A huge special thanks is extended to HFG’s generous donors: High Speed Alliance, Blackrock Capital, Nguoi Viet Baltimore Group, Thoat Nguyen, Loan An, Thomas Trinh, Le Hong Anh, Maggie Nguyen, Tung Pham, Ken Morikawa, Ross Stryker, Ly Tran, and Elsa Mercado Humphries.

The new school is expected to complete by the end of December 2023.

See more pictures of the old school below:


We are thrilled to witness the remarkable progress of the construction of the new Nhon Mai School. The project is advancing smoothly, and with favorable weather conditions, we anticipate its completion by mid-December. This means that the children will have the opportunity to access the new classrooms before the onset of the winter months. We are excited about the positive impact this will have on their learning environment and are eagerly looking forward to the finalization of this important project.


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