quan son – thanh hoa – VIETNAM


When you invest in education and build schools, you are not just investing in a building, you are investing in the future of a community! Lotus School Foundation is honored and excited to partner with VNARP – Vietnamese National Association of Real Estate Professionals on our upcoming 36th project with the rebuilding of Mua Xuan Elementary School.

Son Thuy village is one of the farthest and poorest communities in Thanh Hoa province. 100% of the villagers are ethnic Hmong. Mua Xuan school was built in 1990 and the structure has severely deteriorated. In 2019, the school was severely damaged from a rainstorm during the monsoon season. Afterwards, parents and teachers temporarily replaced the woods in the damaged areas, but over time, the dilapidated infrastructure becomes unstable. The present classroom conditions are unsafe, as students are frequently exposed to the elements as seen in the pictures below.

The new school is expected to complete by the end of August 2023.

See more pictures of the old school below:


With the builders successfully gathering the necessary supplies and materials, our commitment to constructing schools in rural, mountainous areas extends beyond educational benefits. By employing local labor and utilizing local resources, we contribute to the growth of the regional economy. While this endeavor proves to be challenging in the face of the rainy season during the summer months, we remain committed to our mission. As the continuous downpours posed obstacles to transporting materials, we were able to store the raw materials at a school in the city center. Traveling and building in these mountainous regions are formidable tasks, but the invaluable impact that a school brings to the children living in these remote areas makes the effort all the more worthwhile.

As of July 15, we have cautiously transported building materials to the school, sufficiently laying the groundwork for the construction process. Yet, the rain persists. A hurricane is expected to hit the region on July 19, 2023. With everyone’s attention closely monitoring the weather forecast each day, our builders, teachers, parents, and villagers eagerly await for the rains to subside so we can resume progress. Our aim remains resolute to complete this school project by the end of August or early September, ensuring it is ready for the eager students’ return for the new school year on September 04, 2023.


Despite the departure of the hurricane, the region continues to experience persistent heavy rains every other day. However, our dedicated team perseveres, managing to transport the necessary supplies to the construction site. They seized every available opportunity when the rain subsides to work on building completing the foundation. While progress may be slow due to the unpredictable weather, we are immensely grateful for the unwavering commitment of the building team who braves the rain to advance the project at every chance they get.


After enduring months of relentless rain, we finally caught a much-needed break, allowing us to resume our building efforts. Our ultimate aim is to complete the construction of this school by the end of September, ensuring that the children can fully utilize the new classrooms upon their return for the new school year.


We are thrilled to announce the completion of the magnificent Mua Xuan School, just in time for the upcoming winter season. The students have seamlessly transitioned into their new classrooms, and the atmosphere is filled with pure joy. The LSF team, along with our generous sponsors VNARP and friends, eagerly anticipate the Grand Opening of Mua Xuan School on January 03, 2024. We cordially invite you to join us for this momentous occasion.


The grand opening of Mua Xuan Elementary School marks a significant milestone in our journey towards success. As the saying goes, success begins with a dream, a vision, and a choice. This sentiment rings especially true for Trinh Wong, the President of VNARP – Vietnamese National Association of Real Estate Professionals, who has long nurtured a dream of building a school to uplift underprivileged children. Her dream has now become a reality, as she graced the grand opening ceremony, where she had the opportunity of meeting the children and the community in Mua Xuan village. Trinh’s heartfelt speech touched our hearts and inspiring us to continue our mission.
LSF is immensely grateful to Trinh, Mia and others for coming a long way to join us on the trip and witnessed firsthand the challenges and struggles faced by rural ethnic communities. The newly constructed school features five classrooms, restrooms, complete with new classroom furniture, all within a budget of $27,714. We extend our deepest gratitude to VNARP, their Premier Sponsor Vietnam Airlines, and all the generous donors who have wholeheartedly supported this project. It is through your contributions that this new school has become a reality, providing hope and opportunities for over 120 students at Mua Xuan School.


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