Ha Xi (formerly Pa U #1) Elementary School

Pa U – Lai Chau – Vietnam

PA U #1 Elementary School is among the poorest schools in Lai Chau province.

The school infrastructure is unstable with severely deteriorated, which makes it a very dangerous learning environment. The school is located in a rural area that is high and deep in the mountain, 350km away from the city.

The new school is estimated to cost $8,750. The cost covers four classrooms, restroom, and a concrete surface playground which will serve 65 children. The school currently has no access to water, so LSF will also provide a commercial stainless-steel water tank to help provide clean water for the children.

Our Project Supervisor, Mr. Dam has inspected the school on March 30, 2019. Below are pictures highlighting the existing poor conditions of the school.

Lotus School Foundation is sponsoring 100% of the building effort for PA U # 1 Elementary School.

We will continue to work with our local partner, QXTVC on the construction oversight.

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New School Floor Plan

Project Updates


Despite the ongoing heavy rain in the area, our builder was able to successfully transport supplies to the school on May 22, 2019. The new school is currently being built.

It’s estimated to be completed by mid-August of 2019.

new school – grand opening

August 17, 2019

Our journey began from Hanoi at 4:30am on August 16th, and after 15 hours of driving through the mountains, we arrived at Muong Te District of Lai Chau Province late in the evening. After a night of rest, the team continued our journey early in the morning at 5am to Pa U commune. With another 4 hours drive, we finally arrived at Pa U’s village center. We were happily greeted by a group of teachers and villagers who took us to the school on motorbikes. With another hour weaving through unpaved, rocky roads, our team was very happy and excited to meet the villagers and children who have been patiently waiting for us to arrive and celebrate the grand opening of their new school.
Logistically, this is the farthest school that Lotus School Foundation has built, thus far. When it comes to Muong Te – Lai Chau, very few charity groups venture to this mountainous area due to the long and difficult commuting distance. After 20 hours of traveling through the mountains, covering more than 1,536km in distance, and reaching near the border of China, our team was very grateful to have arrived at the school safely. Upon seeing the children, any feeling of tiredness melted right away.
Here, tucked in the middle of the mountain surrounded by lush greenery is a brand new school that not only offers a warm and safe learning environment, but hope and opportunity for many disadvantaged children living in one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam. The students at Ha Xi Elementary School are ethnic La Hu. This ethnic group only lives in Lai Chau and they are considered an endangered minority group.
We would like to extend our appreciation to our local partners, QXTVC for helping us with the construction oversight and My Cay Seoul for donating the classroom furniture. The details of the project cost are outlined in our project report below.

Thank you to all donors and supporters who have supported this school project. YOU have made this happened! We are very grateful for your compassion and generosity.


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