Thao Lung Elementary School

Giap Trung-Bac Me of Ha Giang

Lotus School Foundation recently attended the Ground Breaking Ceremony of Thao Lung Elementary School in Giap Trung-Bac Me of Ha Giang province. We are working with our local partner Quy Xay Truong Vung Cao to sponsor 100% for the rebuilding of a school for 109 students. Currently, there are 60 younger students between the age of 3-7 years old that are learning in cramped and poor-conditioned classrooms.

Due to the limited space, the older group of students between the age of 8-10 have to walk a distance of 4 miles each day to attend a school in a different village.

Once the new school is built, then all 109 students will be able to attend the same school in their village. The school project is estimated to cost $13,000 USD.

Your support and generous donation will help us complete the school building project. By providing the means to a basic education, we open the doors for these children to have a brighter future.

Project Updates


New School Floor Plan

Due to the massive rain in the area, transporting supplies to the site has been challenging. Once the weather improves, we hope to start pouring the foundation by next month.

Your generous support and donation will help us complete the new school and change the lives of over 100 students. Our projected completion date for this project is February 2019.


The construction materials have been brought up to the new school site and the construction crew is standing by to start working on pouring the foundation once the weather condition improves. During the rainy season, it is common for these mountainous areas to get continuous rain every day for a long period that can last a couple of months.


Building Progress

New School – Grand Opening

March 1, 2019

It was with great happiness for the Lotus School Foundation team to attend the Grand Opening of the new Thao Lung Preschool & Elementary School on March 01, 2019. It was wonderful to meet the students, teachers, parents, and villagers again after six months. The new can now accommodate all 109 students in the next school calendar year so that the older students are no longer required to travel a long distance to another village to learn.

This is only possible due to your generous support and donations. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who have supported our projects.

A special THANK YOU is extended to Ung Sieu Houn & Family for generously sponsoring this school.

In addition, we would like to thank our local field partner, Quy Xay Truong Vung Cao for helping oversee the project and Rice Scholarship VN for donating the classroom furniture.

Through your compassion and support, children in these rural, poverty-stricken areas will now have an opportunity to develop their skills and look forward to a better future.

Project Cost

Description Sponsored/
Donated By
Cost Miscellaneous Note
Thao Lung School Lotus School Foundation 248,545,000 VND
= $10,806 USD
The newly built school is 2,845 square feet. The cost covers four classrooms, two restrooms, and a concrete surface playground which will serve 109 children.
Classroom Furniture (Local Partner)
Rice Scholarship VN
50,000,000 VND
= $2,175 USD
Please see floorplans above.
Total Cost 298,545,000 VND
= $12,981 USD

Lotus School Foundation members and other participants who have participated in the school grand openings were responsible 100% for the trip expenses, including airfare, hotels, transportation, and meals.    


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