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One of the most significant barriers to education for school-age children in the rural part of Vietnam is access to schools, particularly in the most socially and economically disadvantaged ethnic communities located high and deep in the mountains. Where schools exist in these remote communities, they usually are very far, in very poor conditions and often lack basic amenities such as electricity, water, and adequate toilet facilities.

Kengdu village is the poorest and farthest in Nghe An. The community makes up of ethnic Hmong and Tay people. 96% of the population live below poverty and many households are still without electricity. Kengdu I Elementary School was built in 1998, and the infrastructure has severely deteriorated over the years. The local villagers cannot afford to rebuild a new school.

The children in these remote mountainous areas not only face limited education opportunities, but they are also affected by the severe weather and poor living conditions.


During our visit in March of 2021, our Project Supervisor, Mr. Kenny Dam was able to inspect the school conditions and found that it was in desperate need of repair and upgrade. With your help, LSF is excited to build a new school for over 125 students. he new school building is estimated to cost $20,530. The cost covers 5 classrooms, restrooms, and a concrete surface playground. Our generous partner, Quy Xay Truong Vung Cao will help sponsor new classroom furniture, which cost an additional of $2,300.The new school is projected to complete by September or October of 2021.

See more pictures of the old school below:


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