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The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the reconstruction of Kiwanzani Primary School in Kibwezi, Kenya, organized by the Lotus School Foundation on 09.11.2023, was a truly special event that drew a crowd of over 500 attendees. The attendance of local officials, leaders, parents, and community members showcased the immense support for education in the area.
The children were filled with excitement as they interacted with the foundation’s team, and the parents were proud to witness the positive impact this project would have on their children’s education. Following the ceremony, the Lotus School Foundation sponsored a lunch for all attendees, and the children had a blast playing the Jenga game with our team, experiencing it for the first time.
Our local team of volunteers, William Roy Waita and Raphael, deserve immeasurable gratitude for orchestrating this memorable event.



With the groundbreaking ceremony concluded. Now, it’s time to build! In the Kimbezi community, a village where villagers earn less than .50 cents per day, poverty looms as a persistent challenge faced by its 3,200 residents. However, amidst this struggle, the spirit of the people shines brightly. We are ready to start the rebuilding process for 6 classrooms, a kitchen, and restrooms to benefit 350 children at Kiwanzani Primary School.

During our visit, we were particularly touched by the students, who displayed remarkable patience, enthusiasm, and impeccable manners. It was heartwarming to observe the older students selflessly caring for their younger peers during mealtime, even before tending to their own needs. As we explored the premises, we were disheartened to witness the deteriorated state of the current classrooms. The school was originally built in 1995. The walls and flooring are now marred by deep cracks, the roofs revealed signs of wear and tear, and the furniture appeared severely worn.

The new school is expected to complete by January of 2024.

See more pictures of the old school below:


The Lotus School Foundation is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Kiwanzani Primary School located in Kimbezi Village in Kenya, Africa on February 15, 2024!  The newly constructed school features 6 classrooms, a kitchen, restrooms, and a wash area, catering to 300 students. In addition, the project involved repainting some of classroom furniture and replacing half of the old furniture with new pieces, totaling $25,215. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our generous donors who have embraced our mission and contributed to our projects. It is your unwavering support that is truly transforming the lives of these children, and we are immensely grateful for your invaluable impact. Our team looks forward to visiting Kenya around August of 2024 to attend the official grand-opening ceremony of the new school. Join us then!


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