mai son – son la – VIETNAM


The Lotus School Foundation is excited to break ground on our 28th project with the building of Pang Sang Elementary School. We are profoundly grateful to the founders of Hope Foundation Global, Dr. Dat Nguyen, and his wife, Dr. Anh Trinh along with their family and friends for partnering with LSF to sponsor their 4th school.

Pang Sang School is located 11km away from town in one of the poorest communities in Son La with more than 80% of the villagers living in deep poverty. There is a 7km of dirt roads, and steep mountain slopes, which are very difficult to travel. In the last few years, many villagers from other areas have migrated to Mai Son so the population has significantly increased in the area. As a result, there are not enough classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students. Currently, third, fourth, and fifth graders at Pang Sang School are being divided into three groups. One of the groups is currently learning in the Cultural Center building, but the condition is severely deteriorating. The other two groups of students travel a long distance between 7km –11km (4-7 miles) each day to attend classes at neighboring schools – Na Vien and Co Tinh schools.

The school building is estimated to cost $14,059. The cost covers three classrooms, 2 restrooms, a 100m2 concrete surface playground area, school main entrance signage, and new classroom furniture.

The new school is expected to complete by October 2022.

See more pictures of the old school below:


It’s with great joy to celebrate the grandopening of Pang Sang School with one of our most-supported sponsors, Dr. Dat Nguyen and Dr. Lan Anh Trinh with Hope Foundation Global. What is more special is, on this trip, Dat and his wife brought along their children and good friends (Jimmy and Tina) to experience the mountainous area and celebrating the grandopening of HFG’s sponsored new school. LSF is very grateful for the opportunity to introduce you to the mountainous area and hope that you got to experience firsthand the people’s hardship and their beauty leaves a deep lasting impact on you and your loved ones. We hope you will continue to extend your generosity and HOPE towards the ethnic communities.
A special thank is extended to the following generous donors:
• Dr. Dat Nguyen & Anh Trinh (Founders of Hope Foundation Global)
• Nguoi Viet Bmore group
• Ashley Rainbow Foundation 🌈
• Downey Family Eye Care
• Pacific Dental Group Fresno
• Compounding Central Pharmacy
• Bác Ban Nguyen
• Bác Tuyết Đặng
• Karen Nguyen
• Tom Nguyen
• Scott Mai

Your support have truly made a difference!


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