ta nHinh bridge

song ma – son la – VIETNAM


In poor mountainous areas of Vietnam, the need for bridges is paramount. These areas often lack developed infrastructure and natural barriers, like rivers and steep terrain, can make transportation incredibly difficult and dangerous. With the construction of bridges, local communities can have reliable access to necessary resources such as medicine, food, and education. Moreover, bridges facilitate economic growth by making transportation of goods easier and opening up new markets. In emergency situations, bridges can be life-saving, allowing for timely evacuation of people and supplies. In short, the construction of bridges plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life, social well-being, and economic growth of communities in poor mountainous areas of Vietnam.
LSF is ecstatic to announce the break ground of our special project, the building of Ta Nhinh Bridge located in the mountainous area of
Bo Sinh village – Song Ma district – Son La province – Vietnam. The bridge is made of steel and will benefit over 40,000 villagers in 7 villages.

The new bridge is expected to complete by January of 2023


🎊🍾🎉🎊🎉🍾 Celebrating the grand-opening of LSF’s special project, the building of Ta Nhinh Bridge. This steel bridge serves as the link to 7 others villages and will benefit over 40,000 people. The bridge will help with transportation as well as increasing access to trade between the villages, and improve many lives. We are beyond excited! Although the U.S sponsor of this bridge would like to remain anonymous, LSF would still like to acknowledge her sponsorship and the difference that she is making in changing thousands of lives!

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