Khau Lang Elementary School

Commune Kien Thiet, District Yen Son, Province Tuyen Quang – Vietnam

Khau Lang School is located in a rural area deep in the mountain, with more than 160 miles away from town. The school currently doesn’t have electricity and it is located far away from the village’s wells, so access to clean water is a challenge. To help with this issue, LSF will also be providing commercial stainless steel water tanks for both schools to store clean water. The students at Khau Lang school are 100% ethnic minority Nung.

The school has provided LSF with the required approved building permits for the new school along with the land ownership verification paperwork validated by the local government. The land in which the new school will be built on is donated to the schools by the local government. The cost of the new school is estimated at $10,750. The cost covers 4 classrooms to serve 80 students, restroom, a concrete playground, and a commercial stainless steel water tank.

LSF will continue to work with our reliable local partner, QXTVC to oversee the construction process. In addition, QXTVC will be donating brand new classroom furniture to the school.

Your generous support will help LSF complete this new school as soon as possible. Help make an impact by donating today!

New School Floor Plan

Project Updates


Despite the ongoing rain impacting the area within the last couple of months, our builders have been working very hard to complete the new school. There is still much work left to be done, as the villagers are working together with our team to help complete the concrete playground, clean the area, and furnish the classrooms with new furniture. The grand opening of the new Khau Lang school is scheduled for August 18, 2019.



After completing the Grand Opening for Ha Xi Elementary School on August 17th, our team traveled another 350km (approximately 5 hours drive) the next day to Yen Son district, Tuyen Quang Province to celebrate the Grand Opening of Khau Lang Preschool & Elementary School. The students in this area is from an ethnic minority group called Nung. As this rural mountainous area currently doesn’t have electricity, villagers face many hardship in their daily life. Parents desperately want their children to have the opportunity to go to school and have a better future. LFS is very grateful that with your help, we were able to build new school to provide a safer enviroment for children to learn and give them the opportunity to change their future.

children love legos here, too!

Back in July of 2019, Lotus School Foundation partnered with another 501(c)3 nonprofit called the Retreat of Awakening to conduct a lego drive. During the retreat, campers created close to 200 lego gifts to help benfit disadvanatged children. Our team brought back legos as gifts for the children. Typically, the children in these mountainous areas are extremely shy and seldom talk to strangers since they are not accustomed to seeing visitors. However, they were very happy and excited when we handed out the lego gift bags. It was a very emotional experience for our team to witness how happy the children were with just a simple gift. It was a great opprotunity for us to bond with the children through lego-play.

We greatly appreciate the Retreat of Awakening organization for their support and partnership with this meaningful project. Also, our sincere gratitude is extended to everyone who have donated new and gently-used legos to provide the neediest children with the opportunity to foster their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Lotus School Foundation is deeply grateful to all donors, supporters, and volunteers who have truly made a difference. Your support has allowed us to successfully built better and safer-infrastructure schools for the children in poor, rural mountainous areas. Your gift is meaningful in helping to build a brighter future for the most underserved children.


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