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NGHI LOC – NGHE AN – Vietnam

Upon being introduced to the heartfelt life story of Ms. Nguyen Thi Linh by our dedicated project supervisor, the Lotus School Foundation was deeply moved and compelled to help this family. Linh currently lives with her child, Nguyen Manh Cuong, and she valiantly navigates the challenges of life while contending with a mental illness. In 2008, while she was collecting recyclables and garbage, she was taken advantage of and sexually assaulted, which resulted in the birth of her son. For some time, Linh found solace in the loving presence of her parents, but sadly, they have since passed away. Their family home which was constructed in the year 1985, is severely damaged and infested with termites. In addition to their modest disability allowance, her young son does chores for other people to help earn a living while in 6th grade. The Lotus School Foundation was deeply moved by their circumstances and has offered to help built them a new home to uplift this remarkable family.



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