NAM NGHEP preSchool

MUONG LA – SON LA – Vietnam

The picturesque qualities of Son La make it one of the most beautiful provinces in Vietnam. However, these qualities are also part of the reason the province has remained poverty-stricken. The area is highly inaccessible and many parts of the land are not in good farming condition. Son La is the third poorest province in Vietnam with 80% of the population is made up of ethnic minority groups (Thai, Hmong, Muong, Tay, Xa Dao, and Kho-Mu).

Going Back to Where We Began

LSF’s first school project was in Son La. We completed building Chieng Kheo Elementary School in September 2018, and it is through your generous support that we are able to return to this province now, a year later, to help more children in this area have access to an education and better schooling.

Our Project Supervisor, Mr. Dam worked with the Board of Education in Son La to identify Nam Nghep Preschool as one of the schools that are desperately in need of rebuilding due to its deteriorating conditions. Nam Nghep Preschool is located deep in the mountain with a distance of 65km away from town. Mr. Dam visited and inspected the school on October 19, 2019. Through the inspection, we found that the school infrastructure is in poor condition as shown in the pictures below. During the winter season, these preschoolers often suffered from severe cold temperature as low as 0 degree. A new school will provide a better adequate classroom environment that will help increase learning outcomes as well as to reduce the drop out rate.

Lotus School Foundation is very pleased to sponsor this new school project and make dreams come true for many disadvantaged children in this area. The new school building is estimated to cost $10,945. The cost covers 3 classrooms, 2 restrooms, concrete surface playground, and a commercial stainless steel water tank for the school to store clean water. All of the classrooms will be furnished with new furniture at an additional estimated cost of $1,444. Our local partner, QXTVC will be sponsoring the cost of the classroom furniture.

We have the support of the whole community! Parents and villagers will work together with our construction team to help carry building materials and supplies to the site as well as clearing the land for construction. In addtion, the school has provided LSF with the required approved building permit issued by the local government along with the land ownership verification paperwork, which is validated by the local government confirming that the land was donated to the school.

With your help and contribution, we can make a life changing impact for these many children!

New School Floor Plan



With the beautiful mountain features in the background, over 150 children and villagers at Nam Nghiep village attended the Grand Opening Celebration of Nam Nghiep Preschool in Son La – Vietnam over the weekend. The Lotus School Foundation is excited to see the children now back in school after 4 months of closure due to the COVID-19 crisis. The children are overjoyed to settle into a new school that will provide them a safer environment to learn and thrive. All children deserve the opportunity to be educated and we strongly believe education is the KEY that will help these children change their future and that of their community.

The new school costs $10,551 and is sponsored by the Lotus School Foundation. We would like to thank our wonderful local charity partner, Qxtvc for sponsoring the classroom furniture and learning supplies, which cost an additional $1,440. This is only possible due to your generous support and donations. We extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who has supported our school projects.

Through your generosity, children in rural poverty-stricken areas can now have an opportunity to attend school and receive basic education.


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