chieng noi SCHOOL

 mai son – son la – VIETNAM


The Lotus School Foundation is excited to kick off the building of our 27th project, the building of Chieng Noi School located in the mountainous area of Mai Son district, Son La province in Vietnam. This is one of the poorest communities in Son La with more than 60% of the villagers living in deep poverty. Nearly 80% of the land is mountainous and much of the population lives below the poverty line and relies heavily on basic subsistence farming for their livelihood. Chieng Noi School is located deep in the mountain and the path to the school is traveled through unpaved, dirt roads. The school is severely deteriorated, as the conditions can be seen from the pictures. The current learning infrastructure is critically unsafe for the little ones.

The new school is expected to complete by September 2022.

See more pictures of the old school below:


Join us in celebrating the completion of Chieng Noi School

These huge smiles say it loud and clear…….we have something big to CELEBRATE! Please commemorate with us the Grand Opening of our 27th project, Chieng Noi School located in Ban Nhung village in Son La – Vietnam. This school was sponsored in whole by the Ashley Rainbow Foundation, based in California, USA. This new school will bring a higher level of education and opportunities to the 50 ethnic Hmong students in the mountainous area. By traveling the long distance of more than 8 hours from Hanoi to Ban Nhung Village for the grand opening, Mr. Trinh and his son, Ryan directly experienced life in the mountainous areas as well as witnessing the rustic, sincere affection and immense gratitude of the local teachers and villagers.

Once again, many thanks to the Ashley Rainbow Foundation and its founders, Tan Trinh and Chan Chau for their generosity and support of this new school.

Together we are making a difference!


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